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Derby County Hosting Andre Akpan, Tony Cascio, Chris Klute, Martin Rivero For Training

Rapids youngsters Andre Akpan, Tony Cascio, Chris Klute and Martin Rivero will train with Championship side Derby County from Dec. 3 until Dec. 12.

Ben Hoskins

It appears that this will be an off-season filled with our team's youngsters getting time overseas. First, we heard that our backup keeper Steward Ceus was training with Sunderland of the EPL. Now, it has been announced that Tony Cascio, Andre Akpan, Martin Rivero and Chris Klute are all training with Derby County at Drew Moor Farm.

They will spend Dec. 3rd to Dec. 12th in England with the Championship side.

This could be the start of a possible link between the Rapids and Derby, where team president Tim Hinchey used to work. They already have a link with Stan Kroenke's Arsenal side, but other than a few training visits and the look of our kit next season, there hasn't been much fruit from it. According to Hinchey in the press release, “Nigel Clough is a great manager, and somebody who has great respect for MLS and the Rapids, as he has visited us twice in the last two years. We’re happy to continue the collaboration between our two clubs and look for even more in the years to come.”

So, you never know.

Also of note is that Rivero is among the players going. If they're sending him out to England for training purposes, it looks like they fully expect that he'll remain a Rapid next season. It's good to see the youngsters, who the team has said repeatedly that they are trying to build a team around, are getting the resources put toward them to help them become complete footballers -- and eventually, hopefully, MLS stars -- in the future.