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SoccerAmerica: Jaime Castrillon A Top Left Midfielder

Jaime Castrillon led the Rapids in goals last season, and SoccerAmerica has him listed as the second best left midfielder in the league in their Positional Power Rankings.

Winslow Townson

Ask an average Colorado Rapids fan how they feel about the team's leading goalscorer from 2012, Jaime Castrillon, and you'll probably receive a couple of different, but distinct, answers.

There are people like myself who think that he is a fabulous player who gets too much flack simply because he contributes his best work off the ball rather than on it. There are people who think that he is a solid player but a player who lacks consistency. And of course, there are fans who simply think that he is 'invisible' in the worst possible sense, scoring goals but doing little else.

SoccerAmerica appears to be a fan of the guy. They have been putting out Positional Power Rankings from around Major League Soccer, and put Jaime in as the second best left midfielder in the league, behind only Chris Pontius of DC United:

Castrillon (8 goals, 4 assists) took to the teachings of Coach Oscar Pareja better than many of his teammates as they fell well short of the playoffs.

Jamie will likely continue to be, albeit quietly, a top player in terms of points for the Rapids next season. The key will be getting some more other guys around him, and perhaps a bit more consistency in the few passes he does make per game. But that's a story for our player review, now isn't it?