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Rapids Continue Not Winning Things

There were no Rapids in the official MLS Best XI! Weeee!

Justin Edmonds

If you were expecting any Colorado Rapids to make the MLS Best XI this season, than I have some Lakeside properties to sell you in Miami. Right on South Beach, it's lovely this time of year. Actually, it's lovely most times of the year.

OK, so nobody on the Rapids made the Best XI.

It's continuing a string of awards for the MLS off-season that have involved absolutely no players from the 2012 Rapids. None of them were in the running for Rookie of the year, MVP, Newcomer of the year... nothing.

If there was some sort of all-rookie or all-newcomer team in addition to the Best XI, there might have been an outside chance for Tony Cascio or Martin Rivero to get some sort of honor, but that wasn't happening. As of right now, the lack of anything even remotely involving an accolade will continue to evade the Rapids until 2013 at the earliest.