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Steward Ceus Appears To Be Training With Sunderland

Steward Ceus is in England right now, and according to his twitter account he's training with Sunderland.

Justin Edmonds

It appears that our favorite backup keeper is getting some training time in with an English Premier League side. Steward Ceus has been tweeting a lot lately and mentioned quite a few times yesterday that he's in England and doing some training sessions with Sunderland of the English Premier League.

As Stew looks to work his way up the corporate ladder, as it were, and eventually usurp or replace Matt Pickens for the starting job between the sticks in Colorado, it's good to see him getting time in the big leagues with the big teams.

Remember that just like other players we've seen from the Rapids training with EPL teams in the past, this isn't a loan agreement or anything even remotely related -- Stew will probably not be joining the Black Cats unless something spectacular happens to his form over the off-season. Of course, if that did happen it would be mighty cool to see.