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Signing Spree Redux: The Rapids Should Go For Ruben Luna

Following the waiver draft's rather boring completion, there's one guy that I would like the Rapids to look at -- former FC Dallas striker Ruben Luna.

Ned Dishman

Quite frankly, I don't think anyone should be surprised that the Waiver Draft on Monday was so quiet. Since every player involved in the draft is immediately eligible to get picked up on a first come, first serve basis, there was hardly a reason to pick up someone with their current contract. None of the players had, say, the Conor Casey type talent that will be in the Re-Entry Draft, even RSL probably didn't need to use the pick that they did on Cole Grossman.

That being said, there were a few diamond in the rough style players in that bunch. Charles Renken used to be 'the next Freddy Adu' before knee injuries brought his career to a halt, but could still be a guy for the future. Jan Gunnar Solli is getting up there in age but still has quality. And I've heard great things about that Edu guy!

Personally, if I were a betting man on one player from that batch that could end up in burgundy next season, I'd take a gander over at former FC Dallas striker Ruben Luna. The 20-year old Texan has a lot of talent and could add another depth presence onto Colorado's front-line. He can hold the ball up well, which Oscar Pareja seems to like from his strike force as he encourages flowing, fluid football.

Did I mention that Pareja probably knows Luna quite well from his time with FC Dallas? I've been a fan of the young striker for a while and was hoping to see him blossom into a solid forward with the Hoops -- perhaps I'll get a chance to instead do the same, except with the Rapids? He's got potential, he's cheap and he knows Oscar Pareja and the style he loves already. Sounds like a match to me.