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Signing Spree: The Rapids Should Go For David Horst

In the final installment of our Signing Spree series, Tim suggests that the Rapids pick up David Horst out of Portland.

David Banks

It would be the 'sexy' thing to do to say that the Rapids should trade for a 'star' forward; but realistically who is ever willing to part with a star forward who is producing goals. No, I strongly believe that the Rapids need to focus on their back line.

The Colorado Rapids have decided to make defense a priority in the off-season, and rightfully so. The Rapids defense was woefully miserable throughout the 2012 season and desperately needs improvement. The back four allowed 50 goals in 34 games this season, and without this improving I do not see our 'Pids making it back to the playoffs.

That said, I think the Rapids need to go after a player with a ton of 'grit' for their defense. They need someone who will aggressively fight for ball control and be a leader alongside Drew Moor. For me, this player would be David Horst, of the Portland Timbers.

David Horst, 27, has had his ups and downs over the last few seasons, but has been one of the few consistent pieces in the Timbers defense. His style of play is aggressive, especially in the box. His passing ability and ball control up the field also began to show late in the season for the Timbers. He may not score many goals (he has only one in his entire career), but we don't need our defenders scoring goals...we need them stopping goals, and that's something Horst can do well. With a move like this, the Rapids would get a solid defender who is just coming into his own as a player.

When your team cannot score goals and finish scoring chances, and at the same time allows goals all over the place, they don't have a very good chance of fielding a competitive team. I think that the Rapids have some solid, young depth at forward, and need to emphasis the defense to improve things for next season.