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Colorado Rapids Pass On Waiver Draft

The Colorado Rapids didn't select anyone in the MLS Waiver draft on Monday.

Doug Pensinger

Today we saw another wonderful example of an MLS-related thing taking about 10 minutes to complete but about an hour to actually get results sent out to the public. (Supplemental drafts are pretty much this same thing every year!) Anyway, after way too long, we found out that the Rapids didn't select any of the available players in the Waiver draft.

In fact, as of this writing, it looks like none of the teams did a damn thing in the Waiver draft. (Except for Real Salt Lake, who took Cole Grossman.) How exciting!

A more exciting draft should come in December when the Re-Entry draft will feature far more talented players, including some guy you may have heard of before named Conor Casey.

Players who were passed on in the Waiver draft can still be picked up by MLS teams on a first come, first serve basis so we might not have seen the end of the big group of players the Rapids passed on. There are some solid guys in that group, Ruben Luna in particular being a possibility since Oscar Pareja knows the youngster from Dallas.