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Now's The Time To Trade Omar Cummings

Keeping Omar Cummings around despite releasing eight other players makes a bit of sense... if the Rapids are planning on trading him.


One player that didn't get cut during the spat of releases yesterday was Omar Cummings. Now, considering the two mediocre seasons he just had, I can think of two reasons why that might be:

1. The team is expecting him to have a resurgence in 2013, which is why they re-signed him with a pay cut in 2012.

2. The team is looking to trade him for something instead of releasing him outright.

I'm leaning towards the latter of the two, personally. Despite the two off-years he has put together, he has the goalscoring pedigree that suggests that perhaps he could go off again with a change of scenery. That means he might have some trade value left. Considering how bad he was playing as a forward this year in Pareja's 4-3-3 formation, I don't see a reason to keep him around.

The other players that the team released had no trade value whatsoever. Even Conor Casey wasn't going to fetch us anything with that bloated contract. The reason why guys like Jamie Smith, Jeff Larentowicz and Omar Cummings are still around might be as trade bait. I have a feeling that the fun of player movement is nowhere near done for the next few months.

(Yes, Ben and I both do have Omar being traded in our Signing Spree posts, why do you ask?)