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Signing Spree: The Rapids Should Go For Mike Magee

UZ wanted someone low key from Chivas, Ben wanted a rising star from Dallas... Chris Casey would prefer if the Rapids signed someone who was already in high regard, Mike Magee.

Stephen Dunn

Everyone on the Burgundy Wave staff has picked a player or two from inside MLS that they want to see on the Rapids come next season. This week, we'll see their picks.

So, the Colorado Rapids brass have let it be known that they're looking for players who are creative and bold going forward. I couldn't agree more!

Or should I say, I couldn't Magree more! (Ed note: Booooooo)

The player within MLS that I'd love to see in burgundy is Mike Magee, clutch midfielder of the La La Gang. I'd love to see Robbie Keane in a Rapids kit even more, but, according to this article's specifications, we're not allowed to dip into the DP pool. So Magee it is.

The guy has proven himself to be an outstanding offensive-minded midfielder, perfectly complementing the creative LA attack. When he's anywhere around goal, he doesn't screw around. As Bruce Arena said, "He's always been a player that's been good in and around the penalty area. When he gets a look at goal, he's pretty good at getting his shots on the frame."

Indeed. Magee scored 10 goals in all competitions for the Galaxy last season and he's scored eight this season -- five regular season, three in the playoffs already (through the first leg of the Western Conference finals).
He's a proven winner and plays even better in the clutch. The Rapids need more players like that. In Colorado's midfield, Brian Mullan isn't getting any younger and I'm still not completely sold on Jaime Castrillon. Yes, we need more lethal strikers, but it wouldn't hurt to improve depth at attacking midfield, either.

The dearth of goals at the striker position this year was largely due to Conor Casey's chronic injuries. Now, he's out of the picture. That's where Marvelous Mike Magee comes in. He's still relatively young -- 28 -- and has the bonuses of leadership, grit and guile that come from being a seasoned MLS pro. That could pair up fairly well with Omar Cummings up front, provided we keep him around as well.

I expect Magee will hoist his second MLS Cup trophy at the end of this season. In Colorado, we would immensely improve our chances of collecting a second Anschutz Trophy if we had Magee on the pitch.