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Conor Casey Among Eight Players Released By Colorado

The Colorado Rapids released eight players on Friday night, including Conor Casey.

Jeff Vinnick

Colorado's all-time leading goalscorer won't be trolling the front of the Rapids offense any longer. Conor Casey was one of eight players released by the club on Friday.

On the whole, I have to say that I'm happy with all of the moves, except for maybe the releasing of Casey's. (That sounds like it was more his idea than anyone else's, though. And it was probably the most expected of the bunch, sadly.)

Some quick thoughts on the released players...

Conor Casey - This will be the biggest loss for the Rapids by far, but from what we've heard it sounds like Conor didn't feel like sticking around with the Rapids for less money. I'm sure that he can get close to what he was making here somewhere else, as well, so I'm not surprised that he and the team dropped each-other mutually. Whether or not you thought he would rebound next season (I did) he's still got a legacy here.

Edu - The franchise is willing to admit when they screwed up, that's a very good thing. I was actually expecting the team to say 'well let's give it another shot!' with Edu, who was absolutely god-awful this season despite being paid in six figures.

Joseph Nane - This is another one that surprised me, but one that makes sense. It looked like Nane was coming around a bit in his few appearances under Pareja in 2012, or at least morphing into a moderately good holding man in the middle. If he had showed us anything good, the best we saw was probably his ceiling so it makes sense that he should be removed if they can find anyone better suited to take that backup role.

Tyrone Marshall - Another fine move, Old Man Marshall had declined a large amount in the final year of his Rapids career and is probably going to retire now anyway.

Luis Zapata - This one shocked me. Zapata was another Kosuke Kimura clone, all offense and no defense, and made some pretty boneheaded errors during the 2012 season. Still, I was under the impression that Pareja quite liked him. Anthony Wallace may well be our first choice Left Back next season, which excites me as a prospect.

Tyson Wahl - This one should surprise nobody; he was like Palguta 2.0, as COYP would say.

Ian Joyce - Not surprising at all, he was the backup until the end of 2010, Steward Ceus took over and it's pretty clear that Ceus is the man from now on.

Scott Palguta - Hahahahahaha

All in all, we lost about 700 thousand in cap space with all the releases, which should provide money for re-signing Martin Rivero and Hendry Thomas along with a batch of other players to replace all these wide open roster spots. Gonna be a very, very interesting month or two upcoming.