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No Colorado Rapids Named Finalists For MLS Awards

Unsurprisingly, there are no Colorado Rapids players in the race for any MLS awards.

Doug Pensinger

Surprise, surprise. MLS named the finalists for the league's yearly awards today, and there are no Colorado Rapids players in the bunch.

The only two players that probably had any chance of even getting nominated -- not counting the Humanitarian Player of the Year award and the other ones that don't actually count what happened on the field during the season -- were probably Martin Rivero as Newcomer of the Year and Tony Cascio as Rookie of the Year.

Unfortunately, despite the moments of skill that were provided, both of them were hit by the streaky bug as the season went along. Rivero struggled to play in cold weather and on turf, while Cascio... well, Cascio didn't play much at all down the homestretch.

On the bright side, considering this season for the Rapids, I'll betcha we have a player that's ready for Comeback Player of the Year next season! (Conor Casey, looking at you. Please?)

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