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Rapids vs. Earthquakes - Who Was Your Goat Of The Match?

This one should be a bit easier. Who was the worst player on the pitch for the Rapids against the San Jose Earthquakes?

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

All right, this one will be far easier to pick out names for! While trying to find a Man of the Match against the Quakes was pretty much a one-man race, there were plenty of lackluster performances during that 4-1 loss. Heck, even Akpan didn't do all that well before finally getting that chance in the end that led to the PK.

Here are my three top candidates for GOTM. Let me know in the comments if you have a different nomination, lord knows that there are plenty of them.

Marvell Wynne - We've never accused Wynne of being all that good at defending, he's more of a speedster that makes up for defensive mistakes with pure agility. Unfortunately, he was forced to make quite a few plays in the box against the Quakes, and most of them ended in pain. Twice, he needed to head the ball out of the box and instead headed it down into the turf, away from any Rapids but right into the path of an oncoming Quakes player. Both times, it was in the back of the net in the end.

Martin Rivero - I don't know if he wasn't expecting the 30 degree weather, but Rivero had the look of someone from Florida who had never experienced snow before out there. He looked shell shocked, fell down a surprising amount and looked three or four steps behind the rest of the players on the field. At least his corner kicks were good, I guess?

Hunter Freeman - Luis Zapata wasn't too helpful himself, but at least he was able to get some solid runs up, and even almost scored a goal early in the game. Freeman was sort of stuck around the midfield all game, making few great defensive plays or attacking plays.