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Rapids vs. Earthquakes - Who Was Your Man Of The Match?

Yeah, even after games like that we still have to pick a man of the match. I'm sure we'll figure something out.

Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Saturday's 4-1 loss to San Jose wasn't exactly an inspiring performance. Unfortunately, we still have to pick someone to be the Man of the Match, as difficult as that might be considering the circumstances. I mean, the obvious answer is Andre Akpan but I'm trying to figure out three names I can put on here to fill it out every time.

Whatever, take your pick for the MoM:

Andre Akpan - He scored the only Rapids goal of the game on what was probably the best Rapids attack of the game. Interestingly, he seems to have a knack for going down and forcing penalties -- remember his fall-down in the LA Galaxy game that Omar Cummings screwed up on the penalty?

Steward Ceus - He allowed two fewer goals than Pickens did, that's a thing, right? Right? Guys? You with me?

Tyrone Marshall - Had his best game of the season, probably because he didn't play!

I hate games like that, can you tell?