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Sunday Poll - What Do You Think Of The Combined Supporters Terrace?

The terraces, previously separated, were combined into a single terrace for last night's Colorado Rapids game against the San Jose Earthquakes. What is your opinion on the combining of the terraces?

Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

So, it's hard to deny that there are a bunch of miserable aspects about the game last night. Even putting aside the Colorado Rapids' 1-4 loss against the San Jose Earthquakes, we still had that bitter 32 degree weather to contend with. Or at least, it seemed rather bitter for those of us still accustomed to the mild Autumn that Colorado's been treating us with up until now.

Despite all this, I'd wager that a bunch of us still had an amazing time last night - specifically, those of us in the newly combined supporters terrace. Gone was the cacophony of noise that otherwise inevitably rose from having two separate groups doing their own chants. The merging of the Pid Army and the Bulldog Supporters Group gave the supporters' section one loud and powerful voice. And, where two smaller sections might have succumbed to the disappointment of so many opponent goals, not so here. The energy of the unified supporters groups carried us through the evening - though near the end of the game, we began to favor the chant where the lyrics are, "Let's pretend we're winning!" Yay optimism! Or, as one fan commented, "We're losing 1-4, but you wouldn't know it from the terrace."

So back to the original question - do you like the combined terrace or not? It's pretty obvious what my opinion on this one is. Also, I suspect that anyone who isn't in a supporters group might have no opinion at all. I am curious, however, about anyone who had a negative experience last night, or has reasons of their own for why they prefer separate terraces for the separate groups. Feel free to state why in the comments!