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Omar Cummings Gets Another Call-Up For Jamaica

After a long stint of no work for the Reggae Boyz, Omar Cummings is getting steady call-ups again.

Trevor Brown - Getty Images

For quite a while, it seemed like Omar Cummings was finished with the Reggae Boyz as he stopped getting call-ups. His last goal for the team was way back in September of 2011 and his last goal in a game that actually mattered was almost a year before that.

It looks like his slightly improved form -- compared with what he was doing in 2011, anyway -- has finally started to pay off. Once again, Cummings will be with Jamaica for their final set of World Cup Qualifiers. He was on the team and received minutes against the United States during the home-and-away set the two teams played in early September.

Cummings will join the team for the two games on the 12th and 16th against Guatemala and Antigua & Barbuda, respectively. He won't miss any time with the Rapids being on the trip with the Reggae Boys -- following their game against the San Jose Earthquakes on Saturday, the Rapids have a break all the way until the 20th.