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Colorado Can Spoil San Jose's Supporters' Shield Surge

Sporting Kansas City could catch up to San Jose in the Supporters' Shield race if the Rapids can manage to beat the Quakes on Saturday.

Thearon W. Henderson - Getty Images

Part of the reason that the San Jose Earthquakes are being essentially handed the Supporters' Shield right now is because they have two stupidly easy games left on their schedule. While their game against the recently hot Galaxy should give them a fight, they're expected to win and win big against the Colorado Rapids and Portland Timbers.

Sporting KC isn't all that far behind the Quakes after SJ's 3-3 draw against Dallas, only three points back with a couple of games to go. Their schedule is a bit harder though, so the assumption is that San Jose will win at least two of their final three games and sweep up the Supporters' Shield no matter what the Sporks do.

Well now, that leaves the Rapids in a fine position to do some good ol' fashioned spoiling, doesn't it?

It might not be completely out of line to predict the Rapids could do something on Saturday against the Quakes -- they've looked good and taken points out of two straight games now, the offense seems to be clicking and the defense isn't starting Tyrone Marshall any more. (That last one alone might be reason enough to predict a close one, and maybe even a Rapids win.) San Jose has only managed to pull a draw out of two of their last three games against weak competition. Hey, you know who's weak competition? The Rapids!

I'm sure Sporting KC and their fans would be plenty happy to send us a fruit basket or something if the Rapids manage to pull it off.