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MLS Salaries: Hendry Thomas Making 197K With Colorado

Hendry Thomas is making $197,000 with the Rapids, plus other fun salary tidbits from the newly released MLS salary info.

Trevor Brown - Getty Images

As it is every couple of months, salary information from around MLS has been released again and we now have a peek at Hendry Thomas' salary. He was only signed on a short contract -- to be renewed at the end of the season if the team thinks he is worth keeping around, and my goodness is he worth keeping around -- but he's still already the sixth highest paid player on the team, pulling in $197,000 in his first season.

On the other side of the equation entirely is new 22-year old signing Chris Klute, making the lowest pay on the team at $33,750.

Other fun salary tidbits:

* Martin Rivero, per Jeremiah Oshan on twitter, is tied for the top spot in a newly made up statistic, goals+assists per $10,000 of salary. Not bad value, and the reason I'm arguing they should keep his loan going as long as possible so they don't have to immediately give him the raise in pay he deserves.

* In terms of straight up money (not including bonuses) Caleb Folan would be the second highest paid member of this team. In fact, his salary is still on the books for this year, so technically he is the second highest paid member of the team.

* Edu is still in the top 10 of highest paid players on the team. Actually, that's not fun at all.