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Colorado Rapids Officially Out Of Playoff Contention

The Colorado Rapids were officially eliminated from the MLS Cup playoffs on Wednesday with Vancouver's 4-0 win over Chivas USA.

Abelimages - Getty Images

I mean, we've essentially been out of the playoff picture since August, let's face it. Still, it took a while for the team to finally get themselves in a position where they literally had no way to make it, which finally happened on Wednesday night.

For those of you who weren't watching the political debate, Vancouver played Chivas USA last night, spanking them 4-0. Not only was that one of the most entertaining games I've seen in a while -- it reminded me of 90's era MLS, it was so terrible -- but it was the final deathblow to the Rapids, who were stuck in one of those situations where other teams needed to do just as much as they did to get in.

In order to make the big show, the Rapids would have needed to win every single game for the rest of the year and have both Dallas and Vancouver lose out or tie a single game at most. Vancouver moving up to 42 points with their win over Chivas made that scenario an impossibility.

On the bright side, this means more time for the youngsters to play!