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Wells Thompson Trade: Rapids Get Second Round Pick From Chicago

Chicago will be giving the Rapids their natural second round draft pick this year thanks to the Wells Thompson trade.


After Wells Thompson was traded to the Chicago Fire, all we knew was that they were going to give the Rapids a conditional draft pick. That could mean pretty much anything from the last round of the supplemental draft to a first rounder from someone else, and it depended on how much they played him.

Well fortunately, after going to the Fire, Wells got just enough playing time to qualify him for the 'top prize', as it were. His four appearances over his time with the team and his 65 minutes of total playing time earned the Rapids the Fire's second round draft pick this season.

What does that mean? It means that this year we will have two second round picks, making up for last year when we had zero of 'em. Where the pick is will depend on how the Fire end their playoff run. They could give the Rapids the No. 10 pick or they could give them the No. 19 pick if they can win the MLS Cup. It's not like there will be a wealth of brilliant players anywhere in the second round, so we don't have to start rooting against the Fire or anything.

Of course, if that's your beat, I won't stop you. Either way, we've got their pick.