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MLS Podcast, Colorado Rapids Thugcast Episode 29: Bring Back (Humberto Suazo Dressed As) Rapidman!

A draw with Los Angeles, some hilarious playoff scenarios, the supporters terrace and Rapidman are the topics of conversation that highlight Episode 29 of the dirtiest podcast in football! Oh, and we bitch a lot about how nobody likes the Earthquakes.

Sean Matoon

So, we'll just cut to the chase here. This episode, we talk about Rapidman. If there ever was an episode of the Rapids Thugcast to listen to, it's the one where we talk about Rapidman, right?

Tune in to this week's Thugcast to hear Ben and myself chat about:

* The draw against LA and the still-possible-but-stupidly-impossible playoff scenarios that are still available
* The north side of the stadium combining from two terraces into one, and why this is a very good thing in uniting the two supporters groups despite some years-old animosity
* Mailbag! We answer a question we got on twitter about player turnover and who from the current roster we expect to still be on it come 2013
* Rapidman and how to make the most awesome game of all time combining him with Humberto Suazo
* Bitching about the San Jose Earthquakes and how even MLS is getting sick of talking about their miraculous year

(If you're wondering why this is up a day early, Vancouver plays tonight and I'd hate to ruin our playoff talk if they already clinch it for us!)

Click on the Thugcast logo below to listen to this week's Rapids Thugcast, and make sure to subscribe to us on iTunes.