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2013 MLS Draft: Colorado Rapids To Pick Sixth Overall

Following the 2012 season, the Colorado Rapids are the sixth worst team in the league and will get the sixth overall pick in the upcoming SuperDraft.

Ned Dishman

The only downside to winning the final two games of the season for the Colorado Rapids? Well, it kind of blew their chance at a top 5 draft pick. (I don't think anyone would actively complain about that, it was really just nice to see a couple of wins after the crapfest that was most of 2012.)

Even with those six points being tacked onto the final total of 2012, the Rapids ended up with the sixth worst record in MLS -- we're not getting relegated! -- and will get the sixth overall pick in the 2013 MLS SuperDraft.

Here's the outlook on the teams that didn't make the playoffs. (Trades for draft picks not included in this list.)

1. Toronto FC (23)
2. Chivas USA (30)
3. Portland Timbers (34)
4. New England Revolution (35)
5. Philadelphia Union (36)
6. Colorado Rapids (37)
7. FC Dallas (39)
8. Montreal Impact (49)
9. Columbus Crew (52)

As you can see, it was a tight race near the bottom, and Colorado would have been tied for the third overall pick had they not beat the Dynamo on Saturday. Still, sixth overall isn't a bad spot to be in -- a pretty solid guy named A.J. Soares was the sixth overall pick two years ago, and a similarly solid dude named Sam Garza was this year's sixth guy taken.

Should be fun to see who comes up on the Rapids card when draft day hits, see y'all in January for that!