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Colorado Rapids 2 Houston Dynamo 0 - Youth Brings... Uh, Well, We Won

The Rapids ended their season on a high note when they took down the Houston Dynamo 2-0 at Dick's Sporting Goods Park on Saturday night.

Justin Edmonds

If nothing else we can say that we left the 2012 season with a slightly less sour taste in our mouths. Colorado took down the Houston Dynamo on Saturday, giving them their first two-game winning streak since, well, the first two games of the season.

Oscar Pareja put out a mixed-bag sort of lineup featuring young guys like Kamani Hill and Chris Klute, with Davy Armstrong and Andre Akpan getting appearances as well. All the youngsters did a solid job at showing us why they should stick around on the team next season -- Hill and Akpan both scored goals, while Klute played some solid ball at left back for the team defensively.

Steward Ceus getting his second MLS shutout in his second MLS start wasn't too shabby either.

Sure, it was against a lineup of backups from Houston, but we're taking what we can get over here. Let's all just let out a sigh of relief now, the horrors of 2012 are over! Now, on to a better 2013.