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And So, The Tyson Wahl Experiment Ends

Hopefully, the Chivas USA game will be the last we see of Tyson Wahl in a Rapids jersey -- he proved that he doesn't have what it takes to stick around that night.

Harry How

I was one of the few people who were actually glad to see Tyson Wahl make the starting XI against Chivas USA, I think. We hadn't really seen much of the guy throughout the season, and a couple of his appearances were at least APL (above Palguta level). Heck, he didn't look half bad against Real Salt Lake either.

So, if he was going to be a fixture on the Rapids in the future, he would surely be able to cover the worst attacking team in the league, right?

No such luck, unfortunately. Wahl looked uninspiring against the Goats, with six fouls to his name and a card. Most of the attacks that actually worked, worked through the left side where Wahl was sitting. We won't see him against the Dynamo thanks to a suspension, so that's going to be his lasting impression. And if that's his last impression, it sure wasn't a good one. I know I wouldn't be the only one surprised if he was jettisoned during the off season.

Of course, this article could apply to the last three years of Scott Palguta as well, so... maybe I'm over-thinking this.