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Colorado Rapids vs. Chivas USA - Player Ratings

The Rapids may have won against Chivas USA, but it was more Chivas' failings than Colorado's success which led to the win. Here's the player ratings from Burgundy Wave.

Harry How

Sure, 2-0 wins are always fun, but it would have been nice to see the Rapids pick up a bit more against a Chivas team that was clearly uninterested in playing on Saturday. There were some solid performances, but most of the Rapids players were sporadically good at best. Even the two goals came from defensive breakdowns more than skills on the ball from the Rapids.

Actually, since half the problems we've had have been the finishing on easy chances this year, maybe complaining about that isn't wise.

Anyway, here's Burgundy Wave's player ratings for this week:

Scoring Guide:

0 - Awful, horrible, why is he even on the field?
1-3 - Poor. Why is he starting?
4-6 - Decent. Played a reasonable game, but could have done much more.
7-9 - Great game! Did nearly everything right with few mistakes.
10 - Perfect game.


Steward Ceus - 4.5
It wasn't the prettiest clean sheet, but as a young goalkeeper you can't complain about the result. Should have done better on his positioning and needs to work on his distribution, but that will come with time. At the very least, it will boost his confidence going into the game against Houston.

Tyson Wahl - 2.5
Before the game, I said that I was glad Wahl was getting one last look this season just so we could see if he could be useful for the future. Against one of the worst offenses in MLS history, he looked pathetic. I think we'll pass, lest he become Palguta 2.0.

Drew Moor - 5
Moor was rather invisible on the evening, which isn't always necessarily a bad thing for a defender. He will always be a rock in the center of defense no matter who is around him, just imagine how bad the defense this year would be without his presence!

Marvell Wynne - 4
Wynne played much better than he did against San Jose, but that was going from the best offense in the league to the worst.

Hunter Freeman - 5.5
At the very least, Freeman showed that he could defend against the bad teams. He kept Chivas out for most of the night and did quite a lot with the ball going up the field. If Freeman could just put up that sort of performance every week, we probably wouldn't have any need for a new right back over the winter.

Jeff Larentowicz - 3.5
Yeesh. Slap-happy performance from Larentowicz, who looked like he didn't really feel like putting in a full 90 minutes. Passing was adequate but not great.

Hendry Thomas - 5
Thomas was his usual self, providing a good passing game and some decent takeaways in the midfield. For whatever reason, he seemed to be keen on getting into the attack as well. That's probably not a good idea for the future.

Martin Rivero - 5.5
After his dire performance against San Jose, Rivero finally netted his second goal of 2012 on approx. his 413th shot of the year.

Jaime Castrillon - 4
I honestly can't remember a single touch that Castrillon had all night. I was surprised to read that he started, to be honest.

Omar Cummings - 3
Omar used to be able to make brilliant slanting runs into the box, releasing the ball at the edge of the area and putting it into whichever corner he pleases. Can someone get him to start doing that again instead of getting the ball, staring at the keeper and then shooting directly into him?

Kamani Hill - 5
We have a Goat killer! Three goals against Chivas this season for Hill, and he had a great header for the goal even if he was unmarked at the time.


Tony Cascio - N/A

Jamie Smith - N/A

Joseph Nane -N/A

No seriously, none of the subs had much of a chance to do anything.