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Dougie Freedman's Leaving Palace Leaves Damien Delaney Move To MLS Open

By all accounts, Dougie Freedman was the man trying to keep Damien Delaney at Crystal Palace after January. With Freedman now at Bolton, Delaney's rumored move to MLS may become a reality.

Clive Mason

In a somewhat shock move, Crystal Palace manager Dougie Freedman made a move from his old club to Bolton Wanderers on Tuesday. Though the core players that Dougie put together are still with Palace (for now), there's one man in particular that could find himself out of the club before the season ends, Damien Delaney.

You'll recall that a while back, it was reported that Delaney was looking for a possible move to Major League Soccer in January, when his short contract is set to expire. I expect he'll honor the contract until then, but with no Dougie, there could be no incentive to stay with the Eagles.

I already said before that I would have no qualms with getting Damien in burgundy for next season. The 32-year old is a defensive, good sized center back with great skills in the air, something that the Rapids have been lacking since Julien Baudet was jettisoned after the 2010 season. He would take up an international slot thanks to his Irish heritage, but he's certain to be a lot more useful in there than, say, Harrison Henao or Edu was this year.

We'll just have to wait for January to see if those old reports of him wanting to get into the American league were really true.