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Colorado Rapids vs. Chivas USA - Goat Of The Match Vote

Who was the 'Goat' of the match against Chivas USA? Vote here!

Harry How

The old 'I guess the Goats were the goats of the match, hahahaha' joke wasn't funny even when we used it the first time, so we're going to avoid that. Still, we have to pick a worst player for the Rapids from their 2-0 win over Chivas USA. Most of the guys on the field weren't exactly lighting the lamp, but most of them weren't terrible either. That game was mediocrity defined.

Still, some guys were worse than others. Here's my three candidates:

Tyson Wahl - I suppose he looked passable, but it was against the Chivas USA offense. I'm pretty sure most wheelchair soccer players could dominate Chivas' offense. Also, six fouls? Really?

Jeff Larentowicz - Jeff looked like he was playing Philadelphia earlier in the season. In other words, he wasn't passing all that well and was incredibly foul-y. Part of the reason that the Rapids had 18 fouls on the night was Jeff's slap-happy play. Only Wahl had more fouls.

Omar Cummings - He had the assist on Kamani Hill's goal, but every shot he took seemed to be a weak one right at the keeper. Considering how terrible that goalkeeper was, I don't think Omar had an excuse to not find the back of the net at some point.