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Colorado Rapids Guaranteed To Not Hit Rock Bottom Of West

The Colorado Rapids will not end the season in the last spot of the Western Conference. Silver linings all around!

Harry How

There were two daunting statistics that the Rapids were looking to avoid by getting a result against Chivas USA:

1. They were trying to avoid a chance to sink to the bottom of the Western Conference for the first time since way back in 2001, when there was still a 'Central Division'.
2. They were trying to avoid tying the record for the most losses by any team in franchise history, the 21-loss mark set by the '96 team in an era with no ties.

Fortunately, the Rapids were able to get a 2-0 win over the Goats and keep themselves away from any of that historical mess.

There was absolutely no chance that the team was ever going to scrape the records for 'least wins' and 'least points', both of which are soundly in the camp of that 2001 team, which played only 26 games and won a measly five of them for 23 points total.

If the Rapids can take down the Houston Dynamo in their final game, which became a bit more likely after they clinched their Eastern playoff berth, they'll end with 11 wins. That's not too bad in a vacuum, considering no Rapids team has won more than 13 in a season since ties were instated. The 19 losses next to it in the stat column kind of kill the luster, though.

The one bad thing that is guaranteed is that this team will have, numerically at least, the lowest place finish in their conference ever. Depending on the final week, they will finish either 7th or 8th in the West, something that was literally impossible for them in most seasons since there weren't that many teams in the conference for most of the league's history!