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Colorado Rapids vs. Chivas USA - Man Of The Match Vote

Who was the man of the match for the Colorado Rapids against Chivas USA? Vote here!

Harry How

It wasn't pretty, but the Rapids got their first road win since way back in May when they took down Chivas USA 2-0 on Saturday. Two goals and a clean sheet from Steward Ceus represented one of the better stat-lines for the season, but who was the man of the match?

Here's my three favorite candidates:

Martin Rivero - After being snakebit as hell for most of the season, Rivero finally managed to get his second goal of the season. Interestingly, the last time he scored was also the last time that the team won a game on the road. Maybe there's a correlation here... nah.

Kamani Hill - If Hill doesn't start getting more playing time starting next season, it will be quite confusing. If nothing else, he's proven to be a Goat killer. He may have been unmarked on his shot, but it was still a heck of a snapdown header that was perfectly placed into the corner.

Hunter Freeman - Perhaps a surprising candidate for the MoM award, but he was the most involved player on the field by a wide margin -- according to OPTA's stats, he had the most 'events' of any player out there. Given that, he actually did quite well with solid passing and solid shutdown defending. Of course, that was shutdown defending against one of the least effective attacks in MLS history, but this isn't a player of the season award!