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Brian Mullan To Join Group Of Players Being Shut Down

Along with Conor Casey and Matt Pickens, Brian Mullan will also not be participating in the final two games of the season for the Rapids.

Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The list of players being knocked out of the final two games for the Rapids continues to grow. After Conor Casey and Matt Pickens were removed from contention for injury reasons, the Rapids announced on Wednesday that Brian Mullan would also be missing out on the games against Chivas USA and the Houston Dynamo.

In this case, it's a nagging knee injury that's to blame -- Mullan will get surgery on the knee in order to get it fixed before the off season. We'll probably see a guy like Tony Cascio getting the minutes on the wing with Mullan out, aiding Oscar Pareja's youth movement in the two final games.

It's arguably been one of the best season's of Mullan's career this year, with the winger putting together Hopefully we can look forward to another solid season from him in 2013. Until then, he's just another casualty of the awful little injury spat that has slapped the Rapids as we wait out the end of this awful year.

If we're placing bets on who the next casualty is going to be, the smart money would seem to be on Jeff Larentowicz.