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Omar Cummings, Jamaica Through To The Hex

Omar Cummings and the Jamaican National Team made it through to the Hexagonal round of World Cup Qualification.

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

With the United States taking down Guatemala 3-1 in World Cup qualification action yesterday, the Jamaican national team needed to beat Antigua & Barbuda by two goals in order to advance through to the hex. Anything less would send Guatemala through to the final qualifying round.

In the second half, A&B scored a goal that took the score to 2-1, but two unanswered goals by Dane Richards eventually took the Jamaicans through.

That will leave Omar Cummings as the only Rapids player involved in CONCACAF qualification, and he'll be working toward being the first player at a World Cup for Colorado in quite some time. The Reggae Boyz join the United States, Mexico, Honduras, Panama and Costa Rica in the Hex as the teams go for the final steps of World Cup qualification.

Omar has gotten quite a few call-ups from the team lately as they work toward their first World Cup appearance since 1998. He has been used mostly as a substitute but hey, it's good to know that we've got somebody around here making big appearances for their country.