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Colorado's Draft Position Will Be Greatly Affected By Chivas USA

The result that the Colorado Rapids get against Chivas USA on Saturday will be big in determining where they'll be picking in the 2013 SuperDraft.

Ned Dishman - Getty Images

The race for the Wooden Spoon has been clinched, so the Colorado Rapids won't have to worry about the No. 1 overall draft pick in the 2013 SuperDraft. Where will they be picking in Indianapolis in January? Well, that will depend highly on what happens this Saturday against Chivas USA.

Currently, Toronto FC has clinched the first overall pick with only 22 points. Even if they get the six points left to them, they'll finish below every other team in the league. That leaves the second overall pick and above for the taking, and the Rapids have a chance to get it. (This is certainly cheery, eh?)

Currently, the draft table looks like this:

1. Toronto FC - 22 points
2. Chivas USA - 29 points
3. New England Revolution - 29 points
4. Portland Timbers - 30 points
5. Colorado Rapids - 31 points

Above that, there's a five point gap to FC Dallas and a larger gap than that to the Philadelphia Union. That will probably stay the same by the time every team plays their last two games, so it's the second through fifth picks that will be available. As you can see, it's a crap-shoot right now. All four teams have two games left to play, and there are only three points separating Chivas and Colorado from second to fifth.

So like I said, that Chivas game is going to determine a lot. Of course, we'll still have to wait to see what New England and Portland do, but if the Rapids lose to Chivas, they'll have a pretty good shot at getting a top pick in the draft. If they win, that will launch the Rapids up closer to the sixth pick than they are to the fourth pick.

I've seen my favorite prospect in the draft, Senegalese forward Mamadou Doudou Diouf, drafted in the top three in early mocks for the 2013 SuperDraft. I would love to see them snap him up, so I won't be as disappointed as I probably should be if the Rapids pull a Rapids and fail to beat Chivas, no matter how much worse as a team they might be than Colorado.