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How Not To Find Burgundy Wave II: Electric Boogaloo

More search terms that people somehow found Bordowy Krzywej Burgundy Wave with using their favorite search engines.

Ryan Pierse - Getty Images

Ah, international breaks. What to do while your favorite team isn't playing? Well, I'm personally a fan of rooting around our analytics and finding bizarre search terms that people have used to find Burgundy Wave via Google, Yahoo or whatever other search engines people use these days.

Screw you, Bing. Nobody likes you.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite searches from the past few months:

borgubdy wave
Sometimes, I think people just spell the site name this terribly just to screw with me.

christopher korstsha
That's my Polish doppelganger, he runs famed Polish Rapids fansite Bordowy Krzywej. (I now await searches for Bordowy Krzywej to roll in.)

real salt lake vs rareal salt vs rapid
Well that's why they keep beating us, it's two against one!

burgurdr wave
Seriously, I wish I was making these up.

burgandy donovan camp bravo
It's like they picked four buzzwords from a Rapids vs. Galaxy match with darts. Misspelled darts.

what are the 3 goals of the smith system
I don't know, but I'm pretty sure they were all scored by Conor Casey.

are rapids deap
Deeper than a 50's beatnik on acid, man.

foot injury benjamin button

orange jokes
Wanna hear an Orange joke? The Houston Dynamo! Ohohohohoh-ugh.

the u.s. women’s national team’s 2012 victory tour is headed to the denver area as the gold medal
Possibly the most thorough search in history.

And the best for last...

jonathan taylor thomaswhere are they now
I have no comment.