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Matt Pickens Unlikely To Play Against Chivas USA

Matt Pickens probably won't see many minutes against Chivas USA on the 20th.

Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

When the Colorado Rapids suit up against Chivas USA on Oct. 20, they'll almost certainly be missing Matt Pickens. He left with a groin injury during Colorado's 4-1 loss against the Earthquakes, giving Steward Ceus his first ever MLS minutes.

Oscar Pareja has said that Matt is probably not going to be playing in the final two games of the season:

"I don't want him to push this injury and make it worse, so I don't expect Matt to play in the final two games. Stew and Ian (Joyce) have worked very hard all year and these games will be good opportunities to see them play."

This is a good thing for Ceus, if nothing else. The 25-year old Haiti international has been getting time with his national team in recent years and has impressed in Open Cup and CCL matches for the team. Pickens is currently in his prime and may move on from the Rapids if an offer from a team outside the country comes, assuming he continues to show blisteringly good form in future seasons.

Having a couple hundred minutes under his belt in league play certainly won't hurt Ceus' chances at being a top MLS keeper in the future.

Pickens, by the way, had played 75 straight games of 90 minutes a piece before leaving the match against San Jose. That was the team record and the longest such streak in the league. One final gut punch to anyone looking for positives this season, I suppose.