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Colorado Rapids vs. LA Galaxy - Who Was Your Man Of The Match?

Who was the man of the match in Colorado's 1-1 draw with the LA Galaxy?

Trevor Brown - Getty Images

Colorado played the LA Galaxy to a 1-1 draw last night, and actually didn't look that bad while doing so. The offense and defense both stepped it up, even if the offense couldn't quite pull the trigger in the end on most of their chances. The question is, who was the Man of the Match for the Rapids?

Your candidates for this game:

Jaime Castrillon - An obvious choice, he got the goal that put the Rapids level with LA and was solid throughout otherwise even if he couldn't find the back of the net again.

Hunter Freeman - Provided the nice assist on Jaime's goal, made nice runs otherwise and played some solid right back defensively as well.

Matt Pickens - The game would have been out of hand early if not for some heroic saves by our keeper. Matt's final stat line wasn't impressive -- four saves on five shots -- but anyone who saw some of those close range stops knows they were big.