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Colorado Rapids Offseason Approval Ratings

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The Colorado Rapids have done quite a bit in the way of shaking up the franchise since the playoffs ended. Since so much has taken place, I think it's time for a fan approval poll here to see if the fans of the Rapids have enjoyed what we've seen from the Rapids so far in the waning months of 2011 and start of 2012.

A reminder of what Colorado has done since the offseason began after losing 4-0 on aggregate to Kansas City -

* Fired coach Gary Smith following a disappointing season, early playoff exit and lackluster CONCACAF Champions League campaign.

* Lost Sanna Nyassi to the Montreal Impact in the yearly Expansion draft.

* Re-signed veteran and 5 time MLS Cup winner Brian Mullan to a multi-year deal, likely keeping him in Colorado until his retirement.

* Picked up midfielder Baggio Husidic and defender Hunter Freeman in the re-entry draft, though the team has yet to sign either of them.

* Removed Jeff Plush as the President of the Organization and promoted former Marketing director Tim Hinchley III to take his place.

* Signed Oscar Pareja to be the seventh manager in the history of the franchise.


So what say you, Rapids fans? Do you have an overall approval or disapproval for the Rapids offseason thus far?