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Colorado's schedule slowly leaking before the actual release

Pictured: Us waiting for the schedule.
Pictured: Us waiting for the schedule.

Like every year, Major League Soccer has given us a date and time for the schedule to be released. And like every year, nobody is actually expecting it to come out at Noon today, so we're all just picking up the scraps that various leaks are giving us.

So far all that has been leaked are two away games and a home game as far as I've heard - we still don't know who we'll be seeing at Dick's Sporting Goods Park on March 10th though those options were narrowed down for us. The games that we've heard we'll be partaking in are as follows:

April 1st: vs. Chicago Fire
April 18th: @ Philadelphia Union
July 18th @ Toronto FC

With the new unbalanced schedule it's going to be a bit of a confusing ride with each Western conference team being played against 3 times and each Eastern conference team only once. Since all of the games leaked are against Eastern Conference competition, we're not quite sure how our clogged Western schedule is going to be. More importantly, no games against Real Salt Lake are out yet so we don't know if we'll host them twice or once here in Colorado.

Supposedly the schedule will be out in about 25 minutes, so hopefully we'll find out then. We've all got the #MLSScheduleIsLateBecause hashtag ready on twitter just in case, though.