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Colorado Rapids Offseason Approval Rating - Preseason edition!

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The MLS preseason has begun for the Colorado Rapids, with players reporting for duty for the first time today. After a fair amount of activity by the franchise since the last time I threw out one of these fan approval ratings 13 days ago. With that in mind, it's time for another poll asking if you approve or not of the Rapids offseason so far.


* Sacked coach Gary Smith following a disappointing season, early playoff exit and lackluster CONCACAF Champions League campaign.

* Lost Sanna Nyassi to the Montreal Impact in the yearly Expansion draft.

* Re-signed veteran and 5 time MLS Cup winner Brian Mullan to a multi-year deal, likely keeping him in Colorado until his retirement.

* Removed Jeff Plush as the President of the Organization and promoted Tim Hinchey III to take his place.

* Signed Oscar Pareja to be the sixth manager in the history of the franchise.

* Signed former Houston defender Hunter Freeman.

* Dropped Mike Holody, Danny Earls and Miguel Comminges from the squad due to declined options, opening two international slots. Note that it's possible that any of them may be re-signed during the preseason.

* Drafted UCONN Winger Tony Cascio 14th overall in the SuperDraft, followed by Japanese international Kohei Yamada and Joel Henwick in the Supplemental draft.

* Strongly hinted at a 2012 jersey sponsorship, including revealing they were a handshake away from one in 2011.


What say you, Rapids fans? Do you approve or disapprove of the MLS offseason so far for the team?