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Colorado Rapids have almost nothing to do in the 2012 Supplemental Draft

Was this guy worth the 14th pick in a deep supplemental draft?
Was this guy worth the 14th pick in a deep supplemental draft?

With the MLS SuperDraft being reduced to two rounds, there is quite a bit of talent available in the top rounds of the 2012 Supplemental Draft that before would have been taken in the third and fourth rounds. Unfortunately, the Colorado Rapids won't be seeing any of those decent players unless something interesting happens thanks to a gang of draft pick trades made by the previous regime.

The 14th overall pick in the draft was traded to Toronto FC for the unfortunately hapless Joseph Nane and their second round pick was taken by FC Dallas for the more useful Anthony Wallace. That pick now belongs to Seattle. Colorado's only two picks in this draft will be in the third and fourth rounds, #52 and #71th overall to be precise. It's pretty unlikely that the Rapids are going to find anyone useful that late in the draft, but of course you never know.

We'll have an update tomorrow with the unknown guys that the Rapids have selected. Perhaps they can secretly find some 14 year old Columbian Wonderk- oh wait, this isn't Football Manager. My bad!