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2012 MLS Draft - Colorado Rapids select Tony Cascio

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The Colorado Rapids have selected the best pure winger in the MLS Superdraft with their 14th overall pick, University of Connecticut midfielder Tony Cascio. Cascio joins a Rapids squad that is currently a bit short on depth at the midfield position and in dire need of a great offensive mind to take over for the departed Sanna Nyassi. Cascio should be able to produce.

Cascio is speedy, has amazing touch on the ball near the box and can pass and cross with the best of them. Don't be surprised if under coach Oscar Pareja's new system you see Tony starting on the wing almost immediately. His combine game was quite good and showed off his speed and passing ability as well, though he never scored a goal. His real skill comes from his deadly passes and shots from just inside the box, where he should certainly be able to get to on the Rapids with the strong forwards that they've collected over the past few years.

This is the first draft pick of the new Tim Hinchey/Oscar Pareja regime, and will likely be the second signing of the regime as well. Welcome to the Rapids, Tony!