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It's official; Colorado to face Isidro Metapan on August 17th, 23rd

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Although El Salvadorian side Isidro Metapan lost their second leg tonight 3-1 against the Puerto Rico Islanders in Puerto Rico, Los Caleros have advanced officially to the group stage of the 2011 CONCACAF Champions League thanks to their away goal in the 3-3 aggregate draw.

Metapan will advance to Group B of the competition where they will face Hondouran side Real España, Mexican club Santos Laguna - who also won a group stage set of games to get to the final group - and of course the Colorado Rapids, who reached the stage after winning their first ever MLS Cup in 2010.

The Rapids first opponent in the competition will indeed be Metapan, with the first game between the two teams to be played August 17th at Dick's Sporting Goods Park, which will have to be condensed into an all-seater for the CCL matches due to CONCACAF rules. The second game between the two will take place in Hondouras on August 23rd.