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Got an iPhone?

Some people may say that the biggest news coming out of Apple in the past few days is that Steve Jobs has retired as their CEO. These people are in denial. The biggest news is very clearly the fact that Apple has just recently approved the SBnation iPhone app.

If you have an iPhone and love your sports, this app should be #1 on your list of things to do. It's free and provides very easy access to all of the stories from all of your favorite SBnation sites, up to and including Burgundy Wave. If you have an android - I'm in your boat, don't worry - just wait a little while as the SBnation team has indeed confirmed that we'll be seeing a similar Droid app in a matter of time.

Click here to check out the SBnation iPhone app.
It's pretty cool, I assure you of that! Unless you don't have an iPhone. This won't be all that cool if you don't have an iPhone.