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A fond farewell (for now) to Bulldog Ben (and in other news we need a new writer.)

Note, this article has nothing to do with the Colorado Rapids, it simply concerns a few matters involving this blog. If you are looking for somebody complaining about Quincy Amarikwa, other articles will suit you better. Like pretty much all of them in that particular example.

Burgundy Wave has mostly been a one man show since I founded it in July of 2010. Without the struggles of covering a team in a league like the NFL where news is pumped out in loads of 10 stories a day, it's fairly easy to run a blog all by yourself. When I first started this blog, I had pretty much no experience blogging in the world of sport, with all of my blogging previously coming from making fun of old members of famous rock bands.

Seeking a second writer in February of this year, the first person who came to mind was my friend and co-hort, Ben Kowalsky. He was never a big contributor to the site - good for two articles a month or so probably - but was great about taking recaps and previews for games I needed to miss and made some of my favorite articles in the history of the site.

All good things must come to an end, and Ben's meandering but steady production of articles will most likely screech to a halt for a good long while now as he moves out to Minnesota to continue his education. Here's to a strong return to Colorado in the future for you, Ben!

In other related news, I personally have recently gotten myself a full time 'real' job and I feel that BW has suffered as a result with my articles being shorter than usual on average and not coming at the 'one a day' pace I like to keep up. In that regard I extend my hand to Rapids fans out there who would like to write for this site - an article a week or so is all we'd really need out of anyone - to please contact me if you're interested. FOUND ONE

...And now back to the Rapids.