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Mac Kandji is finally - and officially - back

Macoumba Kandji Colorado Rapids
Macoumba Kandji Colorado Rapids

We've been talking on and off and over again about Colorado Rapids striker Macoumba Kandji coming back into the lineup to play some minutes for weeks now. After injuring himself while setting up the game-winning goal off of George John in the MLS Cup final, Kandji had been spending the months since getting ready to come back into the lineup but his actual timetable was questionable.

With an July return looking likely after the injury first occurred, we'd been questioning his ability to come back and get some first team minutes as early as mid-July when he started doing training sessions again with the team. Through August we kept hearing stories about his improvement and chances for next games. The Crew match on the 5th looked promising but he was held out of that one.

We're officially finally back into Kandji-time now though. Though he only played seven minutes against the San Jose Earthquakes subbing in for Caleb Folan - and didn't look particularly notable in those seven minutes - those would be his first minutes of first team football since way back in November and with both CCL and what could be another chance at a good playoff run coming up, having Mac back will be a great boost to the team.

And who knows, the 'speed trio' of Omar Cummings, Sanna Nyassi and Mac Kandji could be a killer when we need some offensive spark late in games during the home stretch.