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Burgundy Wave Presents the Rapids Thugcast - Episode 6

After so many technical difficulties that we could hardly begin to name them all, Ben and I are back with another Rapids Thugcast! Seriously, we've been trying to keep these coming out but we're not the most technically proficient people there are out there, apparently.

Listen to this week's thugcast and you can hear Ben and I blab about the following topics:

* Last week's debacle against the Columbus Crew and a few theories as to what's going on with this squad that's keeping them from hitting their full, well known potential. Also included is us gushing over the chalkboard feature on
* A bit on the Rapids trip to the White House to talk to the president and put 2010 finally behind them.
* Complaints about Bob Bradley and the US Men's National Team, as per usual for us.
* A preview of the Dynamo match, including two predictions of wins, and big wins to boot.

Click the logo below to listen in this week! (It's not a .ogg file this week either!)