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Colorado Rapids vs. New England Revolution - Game Preview

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Colorado lost Conor Casey less than two weeks ago against the Seattle Sounders and it looked like the 2011 season was going to be an even bigger bust for the Rapids than the early exit polls had indicated. Sitting in 5th place in the Western Conference, they were clinging to a playoff spot and needed desperately to get some points. Someway or another, they completely destroyed the New York Red Bulls in response to the adversity and can escape July with 11 out of 21 points - with another game still to play! - with a win over the New England Revolution today at home.

One of the more interesting storylines is the Nyassi vs. Nyassi angle as Sanna Nyassi - who scored a hat trick back on Wednesday - is likely to start against his twin brother Sainey Nyassi. In fact, that's one of the few lineup options that are somewhat obvious to guess in this one. Gary Smith has stated that he doesn't want to rest his starters if they would like to play but it's quite unlikely that we're not going to see a single sub compared to the lineup we saw against New York.

Keep an eye out for Macoumba Kandji as well, this is the first game that he is projected to have a chance at coming back for, although the best we can probably hope for is seeing him take Quincy Amarikwa's spot on the bench or something.

Colorado has always dominated New England at altitude, with a fantastic 12-3-3 record at home against New England and an undefeated streak since 2002. In fact, the Revs have not beat the Rapids at all since 2007 - their previous meeting this season ended 0-0 as an injured Colorado side limped to a not-at-all-well-earned draw. With the Revs in the bottom of the proverbial MLS barrel this season and Colorado bursting with confidence after defeating what was seen as a superior Red Bulls side by a wide margin, this should be the best chance Colorado will have for a winning streak since... well, the beginning of the season when the team was at full strength.

UZ's PREDICTION: 2-0 Rapids