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Conor Casey's surgery is successful

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Not that anyone was exactly suspecting the worst out of this situation, but yesterday the Rapids released a little tidbit of info saying that Conor Casey's surgery to repair his torn Achilles tendon was indeed successful. The estimated time of arrival for him back on the squad is about 8 months, which would put him at right about the start of the 2012 MLS Season.

The biggest drawback to the injury is probably the fact that we're almost guaranteed to be missing Conor Casey for every single one of our CONCACAF Champions League games, and there are going to be some pretty tough obstacles to hurdle in that tourney without having our best striker around to dictate play up front.

Conor's a guy who is used to tough injuries - he's torn both ACLs before, after all - so it's likely that in a year's time he'll be right back to his old self. Get well soon, Conor!