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Gamethread - New York @ Colorado

So yeah, if you hadn't heard this is a pretty big game! Here's your gamethread for talking about the Red Bulls match before, during and after the events of the game have unfolded. With both teams a bit of a mystery on the lineups they are going to put out, there's quite an opportunity for what is probably seen as an upset victory at home against a tough NYRB team. Either way, it should be fun to watch!

Go Rapids!

Rapids lineup: Pickens, Kimura, Marshall, Wynne, Moor, Larentowicz, Mastroeni, Thompson, Mullan, Nyassi, Cummings

Red Bulls lineup: Rost, Solli, Mendes, Ream, Miller, Richards, Tainio, McCarty, Lindpere, Agudelo, Henry