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Three Questions with Sounder At Heart

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Hey, it's time for another three questions session as we do before (almost) every game around here. This time I got together with our excellent Sounders blog Sounder At Heart. My questions and their answers are below, you should be able to find my answers to their stuff later at Sounder At Heart.

1. How has the Sounders offense changed with Steve Zakuani out as the season has progressed along?

With the discovery of Mauro Rosales the speed on the flanks role has become his. Overall though Seattle has become more of a pass-and-run team now. The clearest demonstration was against the Galaxy in the Open Cup game when wave after wave of attack came and it could start from multiple angles and would end with shots from differening spots. This is a stronger team now than it was then, and will only be better when Zakuani himself is on the pitch.

2. Will winning another Open Cup (and most likely the Cascadia Cup at this rate) be enough to satiate Sounders fans again this season or is this the year that it's bigger trophies or bust?
I think people want more and so it really depends on the where the team ranks on the single table and the performance in the Playoffs, as well as how Seattle does in the Champions League. If they make it out of the Group Stage and win the Open Cup everything will be just fine.

3. Would you guys please take Danny Earls back?

No. Tyson Wahl has emerged as a fairly strong defensive left back, but he may be a top five taker of free kicks and corners now. He isn't Beckha, Donovan, Davis or Jewsbury, but against anyone else he can hold his own. He has scored from a free and has two assists from corners. He entered the season as the second left back to Leo Gonzalez. Then there's also Michael Tetteh. The team is set at left back.

Bonus: Let's pretend you're in charge instead, what do you do in regards to Mullan?

I'm going to assume that he's starting quality of health, I still wouldn't play him. Maybe I've got a little Jason Kreis in me, but the team should be the center of attention and if Brian Mullan comes to Seattle that wouldn't be the case. Every moment would be about that incident, and that would be inappropriate for both teams. The Rapids, and even Brian Mullan, shouldn't be defined by that one brutal moment.
Lineup guess - we're still tweaking this - Fucito v Montero is the biggest guess