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Kandji getting ready, Mullan will be available Saturday

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Two slightly unrelated stories, but neither worthy of their own article...

Macoumba Kandji - remember him? He's that guy who put the game winner off George John in the MLS Cup final - has slowly been rehabilitating from his leg injury that he suffered during the Cup final and according to the Rapids has finally begun practicing in scrimmages again with the team. With the team in dire need of as much depth as possible at every position, the fact that he's getting ready and may even be available by next weekend is a fantastic thing for the Rapids.

In other news... According to Rapids head coach Gary Smith, he will indeed be putting his best players forward and that everyone will be available when it comes to Saturday's match against the Sounders, which makes the mystery of whether or not Brian Mullan will be playing in any capacity when it comes to the match even more mysterious than it was before, when it first appeared that Mullan wouldn't even be going to Seattle.