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Poll: Would you like to see Brian Mullan play?

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Between that suspension giving him some rusty play and a few lingering injuries that have been knocking the legs out from under him, Brian Mullan hasn't exactly been a 100% sure thing to play in the game against Seattle on Saturday this week. Now Coach Gary Smith is saying that he might not even be in the lineup when they head to the Emerald City.

Regardless of all of that, I'm curious. Would you rather see Brian Mullan play in the game on Saturday or would you rather not have to deal with the storylines and possible distractions that Mullan being on the pitch may bring out? Personally I'm of the mind that the best XI should always start and at present that does include Brian.

Note that this poll is meant for the Rapids fans around here, but it's most certainly open to Seattle fans as well. Leave a comment if you're a voting Seattle fan, I'm interested in your opinion on the situation.